Questions about visits and views counter

Hello W’as community !

Hope you are doing well !

I would like to know more about stats of my blog (visit and view counters). What does they mean etc.

On one hand, I can see my last article has been viewed more than 800 times. On the other hand, the visits show 100-80-20-5 for last 4 days (so nearly 200 visitors).
How can I interpret those numbers ?


Well I just read this post so now I understand a bit more.

The more the audience takes care of its privacy, the more the visit counter (client side insight) is lower than the page views (server side insight). Am I right ?

That’s right @jeko! Are there any further questions you have from the post’s explanation or does it seem clear enough?

Thank you @cjeller1592 for your confirmation.
It’s all clear for me now.
I’m proud of my audience haha (they know…) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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