Did something change lately in wrrite.as bulleted lists?

Or did I just forget how they work?

I can start such a list but then if I want the next item to be indented, I sorta remember that the tab key used to do that, but it doesn’t work now.

What is the method of indenting the next item in a bulleted (or numbered) list?

Not sure the tab key would work on the web app at all, but you can always indent with at least one space before the bullet (I usually put in two). E.g.

* one
  * indented
  * again
* two
* three

That will work for me. I wonder if that’s how I did it in the past…
(problem of using too many different online documented editors that all work differently…)

Just tried the two-space method and it did not work. What is your actual set of keystrokes between the first item and the next indented item?
Trying here:

  • List item
    • List item
  • List item
    • List item

Here I can move mu cursor the the beginning of the line to insert 2 spaces. In Wrtie.as, I was unable to move my cursor to the start of the line to insert spaces before the bullet.

Ok, I tried putting2 spaces at the start of the next list item and then clicking the “wrap in bullet list” button again, and that seemed to work…

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