Deleting primary blog

Matt, how can I delete my primary blog? If I do that, will it allow one of my other blogs to become the primary?

I see I can’t delete my primary blog. That’s frustrating, as it’s the one I used least, and I’ve considered justing having a static page for that instead of a blog. Matt, would you be able to delete it?

Moving this to a separate thread so we can figure out what to do here.

This has come up before with a few different people. The trouble is that your primary blog is linked to your username, which is used for logging in and assuming what your “default” blog is.

So I’m thinking we’ll do this: you’ll be able to change your username to match another blog on your account. If you do that, that blog will automatically become your “primary” blog, and then you’ll be able to delete your previously-primary blog, just like any other secondary blog (it’s already possible to delete secondary blogs). It also means you’d log in with that new blog name/username going forward.

Do you think that would work for you? (cc @roy)

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Sonds good. When will I be able to change my username? Earlier I tried to change it to the name of the blog I want to be my main one, but it wouldn’t let me.

Yep, not ready yet! Since that sounds good, I’ll write the code now. Will let you know when it’s live on the site.

Thanks for the follow-up.

My main blog is titled Bildung, I’d still prefer my username to be Roy. It’s not super comfortable to me that username equals primary blog title, but sounds like that’s how it is?

For me the hiccup was that my primary blog was set to private which blocked me commenting (which makes sense), just had to figure that out myself. Eventually that scenario should be handled more elegantly than throwing 403’s, but early days it is, so all good :slight_smile:

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Now realize I could keep username roy and blog title bildung by moving all posts in the current Bildung blog over to the primary one and then rename that to Blldung but that’s a hassle/not worth it

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ETA on this?


I’ll get to this as soon as I can @maol, but I can’t promise a certain time. I know you’re waiting on it, so I’ll let you know here as soon as it’s ready!

Hi, Matt, I just emailed you.