Custom domain and hosting

Hi! I’m on a combined ‘finally-getting-around-to-blogging’ and ‘get-to-know-the-internet a bit better’ quest. Very happy I found this place. I established my blog #yay an researched a little on custom domain and hosting. Wikihow seemed to offer the most sound advice, but it’s still a bit technical and there’s a jungle of possibilities.
Any tips on how to proceed? Both places to brush up my knowledge and what actually works for you would be interesting. I’m aware I probably don’t need it as I don’t aim to make money blogging and could make up to 3 blogs here (probably?). But I’m really curious how it works.

Hi Anne! A good place to start is Hover. What’s great about Hover is their Connect feature. Once you buy your domain through them, you can go through their list of the featured services the Connect feature works with.

Once you find a service it is simply a matter of following their easy steps and boom - they set up the DNS record for you. No confusion at all. And is a featured service you can connect to. So if you want to avoid all of the DNS record nonsense, give Hover a try.

Thanks, CJ! I’ll have a look! And I’m going to find out what what DNS record nonsense is :smiley:

Hey @Anne, how is the quest going?

Do you have your blog hosted somewhere?