Custom domain and hosting

cjeller1592, I finally realized through this thread that I actually meant to just ask for a recommendation on registrars – not hosting. I forgot that had set up my two domains automatically with hosts (Rackspace, and also INTERNETX-MUC (which I figured out through research). So, I’m assuming you recommend I stay with those hosts. However, it sounds like you are recommending Hover for registration. (I’m trying to tranfer one of my domain registrations from google.) Does this sound correct? Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? I am not technical, to my detriment. Thank you!

The whole chain looks like this:

domain (registrar) > DNS servers (registrar or host provides this service) > hosting (where your web application runs)

So yes - if your blog is on, they are your host. When you say you “point” domain to your blog, that means in DNS server a record is made to link domain to IP address (which belong to your host) and host also configures HTTP server to serve your blog to visitors of your domain.

All in all, my advise is carefully choosing domain provider that doesn’t lock you in. Those providers who are directly ICANN accredited can’t enforce you to stay with them - you can request transfer codes and they are obliged to provide that to them. With muyltiple levels of domain resellers it can get complicated (still doable, but complicated) :grinning:

gytisrepecka, thank you for explaining all that. Do any registrars care about protecting free speech? I’m seeing legitimate sites taken down.

It all depends on legal law in the country registrar is based in. If you have concerns, it might be a good idea to have domain registered at registrar based in Iceland or Switzerland :+1:

Thanks. I’m at a point where I question all of them. Thanks for the help.