CSS for adding a table

Markdown should have no bearing on the responsiveness of the layout in the browser. Only the underlying code will affect this.


HTML - structure
CSS - style & positioning
JS - interaction

But, in the 21stC there are many other ways of resolving a web-page in the browser… @matt and his team would be in a much better place to confirm the responsiveness of the software across devices.

lhl, just to make sure I understand responsiveness. Are you saying a table I create with Markdown will probably not retain its format, for instance, on a phone? But I will check with Matt and team. Thanks, again.

Hi @writedirt, right now tables will shrink to fit smaller screens, but in my testing it seems we might need to do some work to have them look nicer on mobile.

The best way for us to do this would be if you could send us an example post where you have your table, and we’ll extensively test it on mobile / make any necessary changes on our end. A sample will help so we can be sure we’re designing for real-world use. Please feel free to send me a link to one of those posts privately, if you’d prefer.

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Daniel, thank you so much for your help! Here is a link to the post I have going:


I do have a question about formatting. Can I control spacing between columns from the heading section? Right now I have this:

| Service | Rate

The only way I’ve figured out how to create spacing between columns and column content is with a few longer lines under the first column. (Or to add the   (spacing code) which bugbuster recommended above). But the   spacing code doesn’t seem to work in the heading section if I do it from there.

Otherwise, for now if what I have works across mobile, I’m good.

Here is how I’ve used code in my table:

| Service | Rate
|**Proofreading**| starting at $50 per page
|**Keywords** | starting at $50 per page
|**'Meta' Descriptions** | starting at $25 per page
| (*Webpage summaries for search engines*)
|**Photo Captions**| starting at $20
|**Editing** | starting at $100 per page
|(*style, sentence structure, paragraph length* )|

Thank you! Gina

First table in this post doesn’t work. It seems you broke something