Change slug before publish


I want to change slug before publish.
The current writefreely convert h1 header(title) to the slug.
However, if “Kanji” is included, the slug is similar to the image below:

(I can’t post 2 or more images)


We do in fact need this for several reasons, including (I mentioned this case somewhere here) that if you change the slug after publish, the existing federation for that post will have a broken link using the original slug.

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Just came here to post that very same request :sweat_smile:

I am endlessly confused by why some options can or cannot be set depending on whether:

  • you’re creating a draft (can choose blog but cannot choose date and cannot choose slug)
  • you’re editing a draft (can’t choose blog, cannot choose date and cannot choose slug)
  • you’re editing a published article (can edit everything)

This makes basic tasks needlessly confusing and cumbersome

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There is a workaround to this that is easy. Publish the post with the slug as the title. Then right after publishing it, edit the post and put in the proper title.

For instance, on my photo-blog I use numbers as slugs. But the title I want to use is a date. So here is what it looks like when I publish:

# 032
March 18, 2021 - 9:00 AM

Content goes here

Then after it is published, i edit the post and change it to look like this:

# March 18, 2021 - 9:00 AM

Content goes here

And I’m done. I have the slug that I want and the title that I want in less than 10 seconds of editing. I know this is not a fix, just a workaround. But it works for this issue to the point that I didn’t really think of it as an issue anymore.

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I feel like in order to use the interface of Write Freely one has to learn all those little workarounds and it kind of gets in the way of actually writing. On one hand it’s a good thing those issues are kind of minor and seem relatively easy to fix, on the other I can see that some of these issues are quite old and it makes me worried