Add profile icon and cover images to the Fediverse presence

The migration from Twitter to Mastodon is highlighting the importance of having a presence in the Fediverse.

A nice touch would be to add a profile icon to the Fediverse presence of blogs. For example, may use the blog’s favicon as a default. In addition, if technically possible, it would be great to add a cover image too.

Right now, on Mastodon the profile of a blog looks a bit barren and more bot-like than it would merit. Here’s mine:

Compare it with my personal Mastodon profile:

Doesnt need to be elaborate either.
An account icon and a description.
But in the git repo, it looks like activitypub.go hasnt been touched for over 2 years.


Thanks, if you agree you may consider voting for the feature.

A profile icon for the fediverse account would be great.
@atyh The blog’s description is already the description of the fediverse account, isn’t it?

The description is already in the blog’s Fediverse presence, which could use a refreshed look.

@matt implemented the feature. It looks great, thanks!

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