How do I update my blog's fediverse presence after creation?

So, I just signed up for Write.As, and I have a blog. I was able to set up the fediverse integration, and can confirm that my account is searchable and followable.

However, I realized after setting up the fediverse connection that my blog description (the little blurb at the top of a mastodon account page) doesn’t make me very discoverable; I want to add hashtags to my fediverse presence so I’m not just posting to the void.

How do I do that? I was hoping that posting a new post after making the changes on my Write.As account would update the mastodon’s presence, but no dice.

For that matter, how do I change my icon from the default “t”?

The description should be updated automatically, eventually. As for the icon you may vote this feature request.

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Noted, thank you.

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