A Remark.as meetup(?)

So, for Pro users of Write.as there is the Remark.as option for the (main) Pro blog on the account. And on Remark.as, there is the “join chat” feature at the top of Remark.as/cafe (which the chat is sort of an “extra”/bonus feature of a chatroom (like the 90’s, kinda) atop the comments on Remark.as/cafe). Very cool, but I’ve never seen anyone use it.

So, we could/should organize a Remark.as/cafe meetup. Like, set (agree on) a time/date amongst anyone willing to participate here on the Discuss.write.as forum, and then just GO to the Cafe at that time and chit chat about anything we want.

I’d be game, if anyone wants to figure out a time/date, we should do it :slight_smile:


I think maybe weekends would be easier to coordinate a time with everyone? I’m in the Eastern Time zone (America/Toronto Time Zone), (GMT-4). Are you thinking of making it a daily/weekly or monthly thing?

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Perhaps weekly. Saturday is likely best for most people. As people like to chill out on Sundays (sometimes).

I am thinking maybe Saturday at 12:00 CST (so that would be 1:00 GMT), but this is just “ballpark” for now.

Anyone else have thoughts? Times? Dates? Day(s) of the week that would work best?

I think this is a great idea. I live in the UK so my preference would be Saturday evenings.

IMHO, a fortnightly meetup could be better because it gives plenty of time to re-negotiate appointments.

How about 4th June or 11th June?

Timezone converter:

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Saturday June 4 is kind of what I was thinking. I don’t know if that would work out for everyone, but it seems to be the direction it is heading. I agree with doing a Remark.as Meetup every Saturday, too :slight_smile: In regards to time(s), I am not 100% sure, I was sort of thinking 12:00 or 1:00 PM CST, but what that is in a UK time zone, I am not sure. I hope this happens! :slight_smile:

I agree with June 4th. We could make it at 1:00PM CST, which would be 7pm in UK and 2pm in Canada, which works for all of us, I guess?

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Cool! We should aim for this time. I will put it in my Proton Calendar :slight_smile:

If/when people see this post in Discuss.write.as, they should say they can make it, if they choose. Of course there is no “RSVP”, and the chat is public (to Remark.as users, anyway), but if anyone wants to discuss different times/dates, this is a good place for that.

But yea, Saturdays at/around this time (1:00 PM CST) definitely works good for me. Can’t wait to chat!

Thanks for organizing this, @tmo! Great idea – and I’ll definitely be there.

To support this event (and any in the future), I just created an #events category. I’ll move this topic there and add it to the calendar, so it’s a little easier for everyone to find. You can also RSVP by clicking the “Going” button at the top of the topic.


Hey @matt , Thanks! That’s awesome! I look forward to chatting with everyone, and it’s good for some (any/all) of us to “meet”, digitally.

I went ahead and clicked the “Going” button up top, but I don’t know if that added me TO or removed me FROM them list? Lol! But, I’ll obviously be there.

Looking forward! :slight_smile:

I’ll be watching Top Gun with the family around this time, so maybe I’ll join the next one. You guys and gals have fun.

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Enjoy the movie, Dino! Will look forward to you making it when you can! :slight_smile: