A Remark.as Meetup (another one!)

So this past Saturday, June. 4, 2022, there was the Remark.as Meetup, and it was a lot of fun to chat with the folks there, so we think it should be done again! This Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 1:00 PM CST is the next time we wanted to get together there, in the Remark.as Cafe in the chat box above the comments area. Nothing else needs be done, just show up and enter the chat and start meeting people! Fun to discuss things with other bloggers/writers. Hope to see/meet any/all of you there :slight_smile:


ReMinDeR to go to this, if you have time :slight_smile: I’ll be there, even if I am later that I would like - I have shopping to do this morning/afternoon.

But I hope y’all can make it :slight_smile:

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Shoot, I keep missing these because I notice posts about them on the day after:frowning:


There will be another one this Saturday, which I have to make a post about, but there were a handful of connectivity issues on this last Meetup, so people were in/out and talking sporadically at times. It’ll get worked out soon enough, I hope. But there are nice little convos happening there :slight_smile:

I hope you can make it this Saturday (1:00 PM CST)

stay well

Thank you!
I should make it :slight_smile:
Will put a note about it in my journal (the actual paper one).
Have a lovely new week!