Zapier integration


We’ve just created a Zapier integration that enables you to automatically publish a blog post! This is an action you can connect to certain triggers on their platform.

We’d like to make this integration available to the world, but need to reach 10 invited users first. So if you’d like to use this, you can start doing so here.

Also, if you have other ideas for what you’d like to be able to do via Zapier, let us know here :slight_smile:


Done !


Awesome! Aaand I just realized it was still set to use our dev environment before – fixed now.


Can you give us a sample use case…


I’m working on creating Zap Templates to show off some uses – just waiting on Zapier to let me select the integration. But a few I’ve come up with so far (feel free to add to this list):

  • Share a link on your blog with the Zapier Push extension
  • Syndicate a WordPress or Ghost post to your blog
  • Publish an Evernote or OneNote note to your blog
  • Publish a Markdown file from Dropbox to your blog