WWW problem with a custom domain


I created my new blog using a custom domain: https://clerville.it/ blog is up and running, but I’ve problems with the WWW version.

I’ve followed Write.as guide step by step modifying the DNS as requested and I’ve waited more than 48 hours to let them update.

These are the the DNS I’ve inserted

Screenshot_2021-01-04 Gestione DNS(1)
Screenshot_2021-01-04 Gestione DNS

But everytime I try to reach my domain www.clerville.it I got this wrong configuration message:

Can somebody help me to understand what’s wrong?


Websites with a www URL can adjust to DNS and restrict the cookies when utilizing other domains . For a non-www domain , there are no such technical benefits. Also, even though there’s practically no difference between a www and a non-www domain , search engines view these sites as different entities.

Making redirection to one is a good solution, i think

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As far as I know the www website version should be directly redirected to the https version.
I have other blogs on Write.as and I didn’t have the same issue.

Hi @spedi, you’re right that the www version should automatically redirect you. We’re taking a look at this and will report back soon.

Same problem here, my blog is password protected so not a big deal for now, but curious about a potential solution.

Thank you.

Out of curiosity, I checked the behavior of my custom domain and found the same problem.

Hey everyone, this is fixed now. This feature got out of sync when we changed how we create SSL certificates. But now your sites should correctly redirect again.

Let us know if you still run into any issues!


Thank you very much, just checked : it works perfectly !


Thank you so much for the support!


Thank you so much!


So far so good.

isnt it it the best when things just work after all the testing work and conf? :balance_scale: thanks again matt, this was a real barrier to readers seeing stuff. especially with the new dns sec stuff

Thanks it works perfectly