WTF is this?!

Thought “finally a service that makes blogging simple. pricing acceptable.”

Tried to figure out image inclusion on the demo page.

Tells me that I am posting content that’s not allowed.

Think maybe images work only with registered account.

Sign up.

Keep trying to figure out how to include images.

Rich text editor “Publish” does nothing.

How-to tells me to use syntax Image description

Add image with in the () brackets.

Hit Publish.

Pop up tells me that I’m silenced:
“Your account is silenced, so you can’t publish or update posts.”

No further info. Want help. Visit forum.

Login “with”. Tells me I am blocked.

Create new account. Forced to provide email.

Privacy gone.

You really created some pile of shit there. Write.ass

Thanks for the kind and constructive feedback :smile:

We have some automated systems in place to prevent abuse, and yes it seems you ran into that unfortunately – sorry for that. As a heads up, accounts will get silenced automatically when people repeatedly try to publish content that gets blocked by our systems. Better to reach out to me in that situation, so we can make an exception for your account.

If you want to keep using the service, just let me know and I can remove the spam protections from your account. Sorry again for the trouble.

Hi Matt - how long does that normally take? I hit the same problem last Thursday and sent an email that day but haven’t heard anything yet… I’ve moved my page to Github Pages for now… I just wanted to be able to give a proper go before my trial runs out…


Just took care of that and sent you an email!

Hi Matt!

I had the same issue. Sent an e-mail to the support address some hours ago, would appreciate to be able to post :slight_smile:

I’ll get to you as soon as I can, I’m just one guy :slightly_smiling_face:

But please try posting again if you just upgraded – paid users don’t go through the spam filter.

Great! Then we’re good. Thanks man.