Writing Exchange isn't displaying a write.as post even though it was created just yesterday

On my Mastodon feed @non-monetized-together@write.as, you can’t see any of my posts because, like it says, it doesn’t show older posts from other servers. However, I posted something to write.as just yesterday, so not an older post. Why doesn’t that appear if I’m already federated?

The reason I want to know is because I was planning on manually looking at my Mastodon posts individually to see if anybody responded or reacted. Hopefully, if someone can find a way to at least view my post from yesterday, then I can find that out. Or they could explain the reason why it doesn’t show so I know what to do next.

Are you following your write.as feed from your Mastodon account? Following is fundamental to how federation works across different servers. If you haven’t done it, it is likely writing.exchange does not yet know anything about your write.as posts.

Apologies if you already knew this.

Edit: after writing the above I tried searching for your account through various Mastodon instances and could not get it to show up, so maybe something else is going on.

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Yes, I follow @non-monetized-together@write.as through my Mastodon account @nonmonetizedtogether@writing.exchange

@alangrant is exactly right that you need to follow your blog from Mastodon (or someone on your instance does) in order for posts to show up – this is a shortcoming with Mastodon.

Just to be sure @non-monetized-together, were you following your blog before you made your last post?

I’m able to look up your blog and follow from multiple instances, so I don’t believe that’s the issue here.

No, I followed my blog after. Is that the issue?

Yep, exactly :slight_smile: Whenever you post again, you should see it. But let us know if not!

That’s where it doesn’t work for me.
So I have
@blog@domain.com in the blog customize page
@username@writing.exchange account
@username@writing.exchange following @blog@domain.com
@blog@domain.com showing stats there are 102 posts
4 posts submitted on write.as since august 7th when I last tried it out.
no post showing up on either @blog@domain.com or @username@writing.exchange

@writeprivacy and you’re following your blog from Mastodon before you made those posts?

yes, followed since august 7th, 4 posts since, not showing up.

I obviously might have done something incorrectly, but can’t figure out what.