Writing collaboration tools to fill the gap before Draft.as

I am looking for a writing collaboration tool to fill the gap between now and when Draft.as becomes reality. Currently testing Draftin.com as the best of the worst I’ve found. I’ve eliminated from consideration Dropbox Paper, Google and MS docs, and similar, as well as WriterDuet.com for various reasons.

Anything I’m missing? Suggestions? Thanks!


I’m intrigued by www.CriticMarkup.com. However, it is currently only available in limited apps on MacOS (I primarily use iOS, soon to include iPadOS, my co-author uses Windows).

We’re working on a simple protocol that can be used in text in any app, meaning that for collaboration all that is needed is a tool like Dropbox, Box, Office365, iCloud/Pages, etc.). Open to thoughts and suggestions:

Protocol for Tracking Changes and Comments

  1. Make no-brainer edits without comment or tracking

  2. Conceptual edits:

  • simple: bold changes.
  • complex: copy paragraph below and rewrite.
  1. Comment:
  • insert paragraph
  • COMMENT(Initials): write comment.

Hi @DeaconPatrick, I am curious about your workflow. After the final edits have been made, are you publishing those posts over to your Write.as blogs or elsewhere?

If it is a case of the prior, perhaps we can find a way to make an easy export tool that would allow you to send completed writing to Write.as. Draft looks like it has an API that could do the trick.

Thank you, @cjeller1592. The collaboration heavy project is not going to write.as.

Understood. One solution I could give is using web annotation software on top of Write.as. The writing experience stays pure while your edits are put on top through other software. My favorite web annotator at the moment is Hypothesis.

You can highlight words, sentences, and entire paragraphs to comment on or change entirely. With Hypothesis there is also the ability to make a private group for your editing team so that these annotations are kept to yourselves.

This is just one option of course but thought I’d throw it out there.


Intreaguing. Thank you, @cjeller1592. That may be perfect for a stage down the road I’ve been puzzling out also.

While not just a writing collaboration tool, I do almost all of my drafting in Notion.so. I don’t use a ton of the collaboration features, but they do have some pretty powerful commenting and highlighting tools baked in. They also have apps across most platforms and are constantly adding new features.

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I have to agree with @quiethabits on Notion. You can easily organize your drafts into a workspace and invite collaborators to read and comment. The free version is also quite extensive and more than suitable for the task of writing collaboration.

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@quiethabits, I’ve begun to play with Notion.so and am so far very impressed. Thank you for suggesting it!