WriteFreely v0.9


It’s nice that to access Admin Dashboard no longer need to visit account section beforehand. Also it’s great that pages (About and Privacy) has now a separate section in the dashboard. Is it a sign we will be able to have more (custom) pages than these two default ones? :slight_smile:

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Glad you like those changes! And yes, you’ll be able to add custom instance pages in the future – the database updates in this version are laying the groundwork for that :slight_smile:

In addition to custom pages, you’ll also be able to change the landing page and default style for your instance.

Awesome! About page could in fact serve as a landing page (especially when signups are not allowed). Perhaps even there could be a setting to pick one particular page to serve as a landing page.

Yep, planning on adding a setting for this (T574) :slight_smile: