Writefreely translations?

Hello there !

I’ve seen here that Writefreely has been translated in many languages ! That’s amazing, and I’m setting things up to create a french Writefreely platform with Yunohost, but I can’t find where or how I can propose the french version of Writefreely to my french fellows…
Can anyone please help me ? That would be great !

Thanks a lot,

Cheers !

Hi @mathieunicolas, that’s great to hear! Are you mostly looking for help finding people to join your WriteFreely site? If so, we’d be happy to promote it in any way we can!

Hello @matt ! That’s very kind of you, I’m writing some doc and conducting some tests to check if everything is OK and works fine, then I would be glad to require your help to promote the project !

About this french translation question, I still don’t understand how I can set Writefreely in french… Maybe because I use a YuNoHost OS to install and manage Writefreely ?

Hello again ! I hope I’m not missing something so obvious that nobody can answer me, I’d be ashamed !!
I dug into the file trees of the Writefreely installation and found some template files. By translating them, I can modifiy the interface. I’ll start the job tomorrow, hoping it has not been done elsewhere, in a place I’ve not came by yet.

Cheers ! And happy writing =)

Right now, translations only happen on individual posts. Each post has an assigned language, and we automatically translate certain blog elements based on that. But otherwise, the user-facing app is in English.

That would be the best way to completely translate it, yep. If you can also share your modifications, we’d love to bring your translations into the main app when we’re ready!

Thanks for you answer !

Sure, I’ll do that. Do you confirm all the “user-facing app” things are in the /pages/ folder ?

For the backend user-facing pages, they’re also in the templates/user/ folder.

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hello again @matt ! For now, I canceled my project about setting up a writefreely instance, but I just bought a pro sub on write.as and I really would like to help translating your app in french.

Is it possible to work together ? Maybe you could add an option that would allow to choose the language displayed on write.as/writefreely, and if you send me the files I would have to translate I can send you back the files once translated ?