Writefreely not allowing me to edit posts after they're posted, just the title

for some reason i am not able to edit the content of my posts after i’ve posted them, only the subject or (title) line.

why is this and what do I toggle to fix it? running the latest. v0.31

This has been happening to me recently. If I switch to the plain editor, it works.

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hi thanks, glad its not just me but also hope we can fix this somehow

is there a way to get the title line in the plain editor?
to me for my content the url slug is super important, because i’m on a rapid fire kind of thing and don’t have time to attach a textual description for federation, because i want the description in the url via the title, to be federated instead of my toot.

the workaround as you put, i noticed if i put the first line of the post, it picks that up as the url slug.

so for now that works, :slight_smile: