WriteFreely installation via package manager

I am working on setting up CentOS/RHEL repository for easy WriteFreely installation/maintenace via yum, similar to one available at ArchLinux.

Plan is following:

  • Repository will start initially with builds for CentOS/RHEL 7 and 8;
  • WriteFreely version will be from stable branch;
  • Configuration will be set up as multiblog using MySQL/MariaDB (with dependency to use version 5.6+);
  • Installation will create dedicated system user and system service to run on that user (not on root);
  • Installation/upgrade is supposed to make ui;
  • Configuration prepared to run WriteFreely behind Nginx reverse proxy with SSL properly configured.

Anything else important I missed?

I will post detailed info about whole set up so that it could be used to create official repository as well :nerd_face:

With CentOS ready, I plan to set up Apt repository for Ubuntu flavors as well.