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Sorry about, maybe my questions are too silly, but I did not find the answer at the web. I am thinking about using Writefreely to an scholar blog, and I need to know if some features are suported…

-Are there multiple authors access?
-Can be used images in the post?
-Comments in post are allowed?
-In a fresh installation, can I import post from another CMS (Blogger)?

Thanks in advance.

See Pricing — Write.as for teams

Same link to see Pro / Teams both offer image hosting with https://snap.as/

check https://remark.as/

on the roadmap Trello

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@kxra replied with Write.As’s support for your features, but for WriteFreely self hosted:

  • multiple authors/accounts: yes

  • images: links to, but WF doesn’t have any inherent image uploading/hosting capabilities, unlike Write.As’s Snap.As counterpart. IF you self-host and have access to your server, there IS a bit of a hack way to host images from your WF server using WF’s static resources folder. I cover that in “Setup WriteFreely to Host Images” here: Federated Blog: WriteFreely - How To Self-Host On A Potato — Third Spruce Tree On The Left

  • no comments; the limit of Federation really is that WF posts propagate to any ActivityPub accounts that “follow” your blog. Unlike Write.As (via Remark.As), or WordPress’s ActivityPub plugin, there’s no feedback or commenting on WF posts - yet.

  • there IS an import/export feature, so if you have some script-fu you could probably mung posts from one format into the Markdown that WF supports.

These and a few other questions, see: What To Know About WriteFreely: The FAQ — Third Spruce Tree On The Left

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It seems this may change in the future

While I’m going to continue building in this direction as it makes sense for our hosted tools, I’m more focused on a new approach, particularly for WriteFreely as a product: having a unified platform.

It’s become clear over time that in order to make WriteFreely (and Write.as) as useful as it can be, it needs to have a much more unified experience.