Write Freely and Teams

Just a question for a free software & no profit project: is the “Team” functionality present in Write Freely?

Not yet – we haven’t finished developing shared blogs for Write.as or WriteFreely. Right now, we just have Team management on Write.as, and Team submission review on Submit.as.

Once it’s stable, we’ll bring it to WriteFreely. We’ll likely keep the Team management side on WF, and build an API that lets other components (SubmitFreely, etc.) utilize those WF Teams.

Thank for the reply & thanks for the good job on Write.as and WriteFreely.
Have a nice day.

Thank you for all your support, @Aris! Have a great day too.

cool ! i am new here and was looking for the shared blogs thing. i was trying to set that up , and feel because i have 10? blogs its not letting me convert ? also i think i should be going somewhere like the ‘enhanced support tier’ to get it done fastest but i cant pay for that until oct 1st and just hope to figure this ou interim to that. im trying to architect a modular meta network for the good of humanity and see a lot of integral points write as can play a big role. but also, while i am here, there is a security error in the javascript that my browsers cannot relax into, and i cant actually approve any submit.as posts i cue through write.as blogs- and this bothers me because people are treying to build things with me -

sincerely and thank you i know this is in the wrong place.