Write.as server error - site is down?

Seems like the write.as website is experiencing a server error and the website is more or less down.

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I got the same thing - a fair warning within the editor or the dashboard would be great, but I think they announced it on socials instead :confused:

Yes, sorry for not announcing that here! Instead we posted it on Twitter and the fediverse.

The downtime was from some unplanned database changes we needed to implement. It shouldn’t have affected readers of any blogs, but as mentioned in those social posts, it temporarily took down the ability to publish or update posts. We unfortunately needed to move pretty quickly, as we get the lowest amount of traffic during this time of day.

Sorry for the downtime and inconvenience. Next time, I’ll also be sure to announce something like this here on the forum, too.

No worries! Thanks for the update :slight_smile: have a nice evening.

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