Write.as on Mastodon/Writing Exchange

Where can I find Write.as topics on the Writing Exchange / Mastodon? I know it’s obvious. Thank you.

What sort of “topics” are you looking for? For general news/updates, this is the best account to follow: https://writing.exchange/@write_as
For dev stuff, there’s this: https://m.abunchtell.com/@writeas_dev
Or, you can always just follow Matt: https://writing.exchange/@matt
If you want to read posts written on write.as and shared to read.write.as, you can follow: https://writing.exchange/@readwriteas

Hope that helps!


Perfect. Thanks for all that!

I can log in to the Writing Exchange, but can’t figure out what my username@domain is. I know this has to be obvious, but I can’t seem to get it. I keep thinking it must be my email address, but that doesn’t work.

I’m pretty new to Mastodon and the Fediverse, but it should be the username you chose when signing up and the domain you signed up at. For example, I signed up for a Mastodon account on writing.exchange, so my username is quiethabits@writing.exchange. When you log in, click the Settings gear and then click Edit Profile. Your user@domain should show somewhere on that page. (again, I’m pretty new to Mastodon as well, but that’s where mine shows up)

Thank you. It worked this time when I logged in with my password. I was able to “favorite” and “boost” posts. But I did get to navigate around and figure out my username. Thank you. Do you happen to know if a username can be changed? I don’t love my username. I couldn’t see a way to do it, so I’m assuming not. Thanks, again.

Mastodon doesn’t let you change your username, unfortunately, but what you can do is sign up for a new account with the username you want by creating an invite link: go to Settings > Invite People (on the left side) > click Generate.

Thank you, Daniel.