Write.as offline

Is there a way to work in Write.as offline? I think I’ve seen this topic discussed, but now can’t seem to find where. Thank you.

If you open Write.as in your browser before going offline, it will actually work without any internet connection at all – your drafts will still save. Otherwise, it’d probably be best to use another desktop app, like Notepad, for writing any drafts.

Is that how you’d want to use the app offline, just for writing a draft?

Matt, yes, that helps me understand. That is cool, and I don’t understand how that happens. But that is what I wanted to know. Thank you. : ) Gina

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p.s. I noticed I had typed your name, “Matty,” instead of Matt. Haha. Sorry! I fixed it.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: haha. No worries!

Another suggestion (thinking outside the box): You could use a local Markdown editor to write your post. Copy and paste the Markdown later when you’re online and ready to post. Typora is the most beautiful Markdown editor on the planet but no longer free. But there are others for both PC and Mac you might look into.

Thank you for this suggestion. I looked at Typora and it looks nice. Do any of the themes matter when I’m using it for copy and pasting later? Just trying to make sure I understand the point of it all. Thank you, again.

No, the themes in Typora are completely local to Typora in their effect. What you’ll be doing with Typora is writing, perhaps saving and draftings, and then when you’re done and ready to publish, you could COPY THE MARKDOWN and paste it into the Write.As editor. The ‘Copy as Markdown’ command is in the Edit menu; first, select what you want to copy (as always), then use that command.

Be aware that the Markdown support in Typora is very extensive and includes some extensions to Markdown that Write.As might or might not support. Be careful if you go much beyond the limits of orthodox Markdown.

Williamporter, that is all great information. Thank you, so much!

You’re welcome. Let me add that, while Typora is not only the most beautiful Markdown editor known to human history, it’s also the most generally capable and it’s pretty affordably priced. But it’s not free. And there are others that you might want to look at. I cut my Markdown teeth on iAWriter, which is still very good (but more expensive than Typora). I’m not on Macs any more but if you are, Bear is very good; I wish it had a Windows version.

And I often turn to Dillinger.io online. Dillinger’s file management system takes a little learning but once you get the hang of it, Dillinger is really good and free. I save Typora drafts to a Dropbox folder named “Markdown Documents”; but I often use Dillinger if I just want to do something quick and don’t plan to save it permanently. Dillinger however is online only. It would allow you to edit outside Write.As if you wanted; but you’d need an internet connection.

Enjoy. Markdown is one of the best things that ever happened to writing.

Thank you, SO much! This is a great range of resources and information. I feel like I can really enjoy Markdown now. May I ask why you are no longer on Mac? Microsoft/Windows has always traumatized me since I’m not “technical.” Just wondering since you seem to have an appreciation for elegant software. Thank you for any quick thought, if you don’t mind.