Write.as Linux Desktop App v1.0

Today we’re launching our very first desktop app – Write.as for Linux! Head over to the download page to get it, and check out the GPL-licensed source code on Code.as.

This is v1.0, and includes the very basics:

  • A simple, distraction-free editor
  • Auto-saving single draft
  • Choose between the three fonts on Write.as (serif, sans, monospace)
  • Dark mode (currently only on platforms that support it)
  • Save draft as another file
  • Publish anonymously to Write.as
  • Manage anonymous posts via the CLI

At this point I’m looking for feedback on the app to figure out the most important features to build next. So, a few questions for everyone:

  • What are the most important features missing for you right now?
  • What is frustrating about the current app?

I’m also looking for contributors who want to help with development and documentation. I’ve set up a GitHub mirror so anyone can easily submit issues and pull requests. Looking forward to hearing what everything thinks!

Are there any plans for direct posting on registered blogs instead of anonymous? :slight_smile:

Yep! This first version is just to get the editor and workflow to a solid place. Version 2.0 will let you publish to your account and blogs.

If you wanted to get that functionality today, technically and unofficially, you could build the CLI on the local-workflow branch, and replace the CLI on your machine with your custom build. The code on that branch supports publishing to your account, so you could then run:

writeas auth

to log in, and then the Linux app will publish to your account instead of anonymously. Then you could go into the web app and move your posts to your blog.

Again, that’s all unofficial, and you’d lose any auto-updating of the app. But technically it’s possible today if you really want it :slightly_smiling_face: Otherwise I imagine it won’t be long before it’s officially supported.

Nice!! Thanks Matt, I 'll probably wait 'till the official release, just to be sure! :wink:

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Nice. I mostly use the web page as-is, so I don’t necessarily need a desktop version. BUT, I like to try out things. :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the app on Manjaro Linux (Arch) via the AUR. Right after starting up, I got an in-editor error that draft.txt could not be found. I’l be watching the project. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks! That error isn’t fatal, but it shouldn’t show up. We’ll get that fixed.

By the way, would you mind adding a vote for that package in the AUR? :slight_smile:

Done! :slight_smile:

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By the way, this was just fixed in v1.0.1, which is out now.