Write.as Letters feature request

I like that I can post the newsletter sign-up box on an individualized page (or pages) such as a pinned “About” page, that was a thing I wanted to see happen since the newsletter feature was put out in beta. But I also think it would be cool to select which blog posts go out via newsletter on a drop down menu (or another method) similar to how one can choose which posts go out to their Twitter feed or Tumblr timeline. I think this could be good for someone like me who sometimes writes a dozen blog posts a day (usually less), and I could just select which “really nice” blog posts shows up in the recipients Inbox. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


Thanks @tmo404! That is a great suggestion, especially with putting it in a similar place as the Twitter/Tumblr cross-posting options. We have had others recommended this also, so we’ll be sure to consider this feature more seriously. If anyone else wants a similar feature then be sure to respond to this topic!


I would love to some way to mark blog posts/pages to be excluded from newsletter or vice-versa.

I created a subscribe page, and it went out as a newsletter :frowning:

Sorry about this happening @kushaldas! That’s exactly what the feature would prevent in the first place.

Know that we’re definitely considering the feature. I’ve made this topic a feature request so others can vote on it and weigh in if they think it’s a good idea. We’ve seen a lot of traction with it already so I am curious what other users of Write.as Letters would think too (@egoecho?).

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yes, I would love a feature like this too. Just a box to tick, same as where you want a post to be featured (same as the option to chose which blog - if you got more than one - for example).
It would be nice to know that a post (if it is a Subscribe-page or whatever post) will not be sent as a newsletter if you do not specifically check (or un-check, I would prefer un-check, so ON by default) a box.