Write.as hopes

  • easy way to insert more complex markdown code in the edit window: links, email to, photo link, Cont. intro break, etc… (I love the way Ulysses does this)
  • some easy way to tell I’m on write.as (thus editable) version of my blog vs. my domain version of my blog (which I see as everyone else does). I keep getting confused, trying to edit my domain version. Doubtless, some of this is my own steep learning curve. Grin.

Already seeing some improvements, though I’ve not the memory to be specific. The editing page is easier to use. Great work. Thank you!

I’d love the option (global, or per identity, not per individual post) to open links in new window/tab.

How do I auto post to Twitter after publishing an annynomous “draft” then moving to my blog?

I tweeked the post, publishing it annynomously as the “draft” bin requires, but when I moved it, I had no option to publish to Twitter. I’m going to delete and repost the whole post to rectify this, but can there please be a smoother way?