Write.as doesn't work since today

I’m using write.as for half a year or so.
Saving / updating / changing any text to blog or post doesn’t work since today.
Tried multiple browsers.
Anyone with similar problems?
Anyone knows what to do?

(i have a free account)

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me either, dont know what happened
cannot save/edit/post/customize…
wait for helping

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Same here. Just wrote about 1,000 words in a post and I cannot publish it :frowning:

Thanks for your posts! Glad to understand that it’s a platform-wide bug. So I can stop trying to publish for the 100th time :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. Since you’d specified your account as being free, I have a Pro sunscription and am experiencing the same. This also extends to trying to save any customizations to blogs, from updating the title to adding CSS and JavaScript.

Hopefully this gets sorted out soon, however I’m assuming it will since @matt, @cjeller1592, and the rest of the W.a folks are more on top of shit than I’ve experienced with any other web service, ever.

same with a pro subscription, even cannot unpin a post.

Glad that my pages all look more or less how I want them, aside from lacking writings I’ve been trying to post. Had I changed a setting or customization, or pinned something I decided I wanted to take down, my OCD would be doing backflips right now.

Hey everyone, sorry about this! We had a problem scaling up one of our replica databases, which meant that publishing / updating data was working fine, but reading that data wasn’t working as it should – making it look like nothing was actually working.

If you’ve published or updated anything within the last few hours, you should now see those posts / changes on the site. You just might want to make sure you don’t have duplicate posts!

Really sorry again for the misfunction. Please reach out if anything looks off, or if we can help fix anything for you.


thanks for the quick fix
(great! even more views at my question here then at my account, maybe i should post here :wink: )

Thanks for the fast fix @matt :slight_smile: Everything has been working good since yesterday.