Write.as and firefox developer edition

do they not play nice together? or was some code just pushed on write.as ? i was using it fine for a long while and it just stopped letting me select which blog to publish to, or letting me hit the publish button at all, actually.

going to log out and log back in again and see if that fixes things. :slight_smile: it knows who i am, i can see my blog to select, but it wont “stick” and cant publish.


nope, i still have this problem.

can’t select my blog from the composer screen. or hit the publish button.

firefox 98.0b5 (64 bit)

@orgonesystems I’m on Firefox Developer Edition 98.0b6 and I’m not seeing these issues. FWIW, I’m on macOS 12.2.1 — what OS are you using?

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heya angelo! how are you? sorry i am just getting back to you.

debian bullseye. :slight_smile:

Interesting. Are you using any extensions?

i only had facebook purity and firefox color running, but i deleted my facebook account so im going to uninstall that one and see if it changes anything. thanks angelo :slight_smile: hope your day is going well.

Cool, let us know if that helps! There have also a couple of patch updates to Firefox Developer Edition (I’m on 98.0b9 as of time of writing), so if you haven’t updated your browser in a bit maybe give that a shot, too.

I hope your day goes well, too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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nope its not working, but what i can say is its working on my instance, so that’s something. haha


Huh. Are you able to use Write.as normally in another browser?

yep, seamonkey, falkon etc