Why the icon of write as doesn’t come out when I post the link on my twitter?


I usually use write as for my write my story in twitter. But recently the icon doesn’t come out, i thought there might be a temporary problem so i just ignore it and wait. And after two weeks, i looking for any way to fix it, and someone on twitter told us to just post the link that isn’t anonymous and post in on twitter with a certain template of link. I found it very uncomfortable, and i wonder if you can help us to fix that. I already chat write as on twitter but i don’t get any response yet so i decided to discuss it here. Here i attach the pics, just in case you wonder what icon do i mean. I really hope that you guys can fix it so i can post my link like the old one. Thank you in advance :+1:t3:

Hi, unfortunately this is a bit out of our control… We do everything we can on our end to show a nice logo when you share Write.as links. But Twitter ultimately decides when / how it shows up. A few people have mentioned this, too, so it’s possible they’ve changed something on their end recently.