Where do I tell WriteFreely to accept follow requests?

Using rant.li and plain browser-based Mastodon.

I have managed to send a follow request to my blog’s fediverse address from Mastodon, and I see that this request is awaiting approval.

Does anyone know how I get the blog to approve this or any other follow requests, please?

Many thanks in advance!

There isn’t a way to accept follow requests in WriteFreely – usually when this happens, it’s a configuration issue with your WriteFreely server where it’s not correctly sending Accept activities back to Mastodon to confirm the follow.

If you’re not the admin, I’d check with them (and maybe your Mastodon instance’s admin) to be sure everything is set up and communicating correctly.

Hi Matt, many thanks for that. Confirms what I suspected. I changed instances and the problem went away. Hurrah!

Is ther a standard way of determining the admin of an instance, if they’re not shouting about how to contact them anywhere? Ironically, the faulty instance seemed to have an admin, not so much the current one though.