Where do comments land, if they are from the Fediverse?

I started to write a blog and to test the fediverse feature I subscribed to my own blog over Mastodon.

It worked so far! The new blog post popped up in my timeline and I tested the comment section. So I’ve replied to the “new blog post”, but what now? The comment doesn’t pop up under the blog post or is somewhere in my blog settings. I just can’t find it. Where do comments land?

How can I see comments made by people from the Fediverse?


The comments stay in Mastodon.

Yes, but the comments would immediately be garbage data, because no one can read it. They land in the void… only using space in a database.

What’s the point in commenting something, if no one can see it (not even the author)?

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This is how it was implemented right from the start. I don’t see any documentation that said Fediverse comments would show up as part of the blog post. So, this is just how it works right now.

My guess is that the intention was for conversation to take place in the Fediverse via the built-in comments system, as opposed to taking place as part of the blog post. Depending on who you ask, this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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Anybody who reads about the fediverse and wants to try it, would say it is broken, after commenting on a writefreely blog article with another fediverse account.

It is just the intuitive way to use the fediverse. I can comment from a Mastodon account on a post of a Pleroma account or on a video of a peertube account and the owner of the post or video will see it (except I am or the instance I am on is blocked).

I really don’t understand why writefreely just doesn’t do it?

For me it’s definitely a bug or just a not/wrong implemented feature.

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I absolutely want to support comments from the fediverse within Write.as / WriteFreely. You’re right that they shouldn’t just stay within Mastodon, as they do. I just want to be more thoughtful about it, and try to do something more than simple replies.

To answer your question, you can often see replies to your posts by looking up your post within Mastodon.

But I think a better way for replies would be for blog authors to have control over who comments on their posts, and/or determine how those comments are publicized on their own web space, that is their blog. It also needs to be accessible to people who don’t have a fediverse account – because they could just as easily say it’s a “bug” if they can’t reply.

It takes time to design and build with all these concerns in mind, which is why you don’t see it yet. We’ll get there, but especially with me as the sole person contributing any new features, you can’t expect them to appear immediately.

Appreciate your feedback, and you’ll see better support for fediverse replies in the future.

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Wow, okay, I didn’t know that. The project looks much bigger than that. You definitely do a lot of good work.