When will writefreely release the next version?

Hi all.
I found that the latest version was released last year.
Does this mean that the official team is no longer maintaining writefreely?
Is it possible that releasing a new version in the future?

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Hey, here’s the latest information on WriteFreely releases:

We’re currently roadblocked by the tool we use to cross-compile the application.

I wondered about this @matt. I would love to self-host a WF instance on my VPS, but I saw that the compiler issue was holding up progress with the service. I looked at the github stuff linked above, but I am a noob when it comes to web dev, and not familiar with either Go or Docker images, so I am no help there :frowning:

I’d imagine that hiring a freelancer may be able to troubleshoot whatever is going on with it and have it fixed up quickly/cheaply, and then people can get back to using WF. I only recommend that because who knows when (if) open source contributors will solve this particular issue in a short period of time.

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on this thread, to see if WF becomes avail again soon. Stay well :slight_smile:

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The next release is out now! Since we had those cross-compilation issues, I just put out a linux-amd64 build, which should cover the vast majority of server setups.