What server elements to backup


I would like to know which parts would be necessary to backup (db, nginx, etc…) in order to restore the instance in case of server loss?

Other Fediversal software projects have this information in their documentation and is really useful for admins like me, which are not the most experienced ones (I thank you very much for making WF so easy to deploy).

Thank you very much!

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Great question! I’d always recommend backing up these parts:

  • Database
  • Your writefreely installation directory on your server

These will include everything you need to fully restore your site. But if you want to back up the Nginx config too, that can’t hurt, and will save you time when restoring your server.

Either way, the most critical pieces for WriteFreely will always be the following items – basically, these contain irreplaceable data:

  • Database
  • keys/ directory for your instance
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Thanks for the quick response!

I will back up the DB and the installation directory, then (it has no cost for me to add the nginx configuration, so maybe I do it, too).

Good job!