What happens to content after downgrading?

What happens to content after a subscription runs out and an account is downgraded? I’m not planning to but it would be nice to know.

Does all content, including photos on Save.as, revert to read-only? Is there a time limit?

Just wondering what the policies are. Another indie blogging platform, Posthaven, has a policy to keep all content online in read-only mode, as long as someone has paid for 12 months.

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Hi @nibl! All of the content, including images on Snap.as, is kept to read-only (we continue hosting all content, no matter how long someone has been a customer). Other Pro features like custom domain, custom css, static pages etc get disabled as well.

All the while you are still able to publish to your first blog but can only read/export the content of the two other blogs from your Pro subscription.