Website Tour with Founder Matt Baer

@matt will be doing a website tour 2020-06-26T00:00:00Z EDT where he’ll be talking about his own personal web projects and how they led to (along with a lot about too).

The event will be a low-key hangout so it should be tons of fun! I’ll definitely be there. Would love to see y’all too if you can make it! I posted the event link below:


I’m hoping to tune in as well! :^)


Sadly wasn’t able to catch most of this or able to join the audio chat (not good timing on my end), but really enjoyed the tail end and hope there’s another tour at some point! Thanks for putting it on!

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Glad you joined in @umhi (and a shoutout to @scott who was on the call as well)!

The recording is here if anyone would like to check it out:

Our friend Jared put this on and has done a great job at doing these on a pretty regular cadence. The backlog has a lot of fascinating tours. I’d personally recommend the Joel Dueck one