Has anyone managed to get webmention working on their Write.as blog using existing webmention tools (e.g. things listed here), or is that not even possible?

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Not yet!

Webmentions look like something the team has in mind for incorporating into future Write.as’ commenting system, Remark.as. The feature is brought up here.

Will keep looking into webmentions though. In the meantime I have been thinking about how to incorporate light webmention-like functionality with my Write.as blog, like notifying me when someone mentions my blog on Read Write.as.

Would even that be of interest?

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Please (pretty please), no “invented here” things like “light” mentions. Webmentions are pretty robust, as is ActivityPub, the whole POSSE/IndieWeb stuff, etc.

We need fewer silos, more openness. And that starts with interchangeable formats that can be spoken everywhere and heard everywhere else. @-mentions in remark.as and write.as would be super, but then please with @@ notation (@mikka@hjarta.io for my blog, for example, or @mikka@mastodon.bayern for me on Mastodon, etc.).

In my experience once a “light” version is introduced it closes the doors to the full version in the future.


That’s a great point @mikka. It needs to be done right with no half measures. I am curious - does an example come to mind where a “light” version closed off full version?

Webmentions are on the team’s radar. If anyone has experience with implementing webmentions (especially in Golang) I am sure their contributions & advice would be welcome. The @ & @@ notation is a great suggestion by the way.

The two big ones are not so recent: InterWiki linking by Atlassian, and Pingback/Trackback discovery done by WordPress. XFN comes to mind, as well, Tantek’s implementation competing with Google’s and Facebook’s, and Blogrolling v1 by Jason DeFilippo vs. Dave Winer’s crappy “light” version.

“Good enough” being the enemy of “good” in all those cases.

I would technically love for there to be a sort of blog-internal webmention process, e.g. any time I reference one of my older posts in a new post, I’d love to be able to automatically display a “referenced by” section on those older posts, so anyone coming across an older post can easily find later posts that build upon them.

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Just adding my support to this conversation. I think Webmention/Indieweb is a must for Write.As. You’re already halfway there with the ActivityPub implementation adding IndieWeb features would be incredible.

Having Write.as as an IndieWeb first place for people to have their own, fully working, fully integrate POSSE site would be awesome and a huge USP as Write.As and the IndieWeb grows.


I signed up because I’m really, really hopeful about this feature. In general, I don’t need write.as or writefreely to display content that isn’t my blog–that’d be rad for remark.as, eventually–but to be able to mark my own post as a reply to either

  • an activity pub post, or
  • somebody else’s blog via webmentions
    would be very cool.

That is to say, I don’t need to be able to receive any content over those channels, but it would be rad to be able to send out that way.