I’m thinking in open a PR to check for the WebFonts and JSDisabled config values on all templates, not only on the base template. With that this config will actually work and will not load js and web fonts anymore.

I want to start with the WebFonts first, as I already did for my instance and it’s easier.

Is it something that the project is interested?
If so, do you believe that’s ok to have fix this only on user facing templates? I know that we need js on the admin and having webfonts on pad can be also good.

Having a positive answer can I just open a PR following the contributing guide?

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@matt any thoughts on this?

Hey @karl, thanks for taking an interest in this and starting the discussion! Please feel free to submit a PR or two (maybe one PR for each config option, so it’s easier to review) – this is something we’re absolutely interested in.

I think it’s okay to have this only on user- / reader-facing templates, yes. Our main use case for the JSDisabled option is for our Onion service (writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion), since the Tor browser disables JS. So having it on those templates would cover that situation, where readers can at least read blogs without worrying about JS. Same goes for WebFonts – I think the main concern is optimizing the experience for readers.

Last thing I’d add is that we should be sure to add these options to our config documentation, too.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I’ll add the option on the config documentation too!

Just one more question regarding JSDisabled option. Currently Tor browser users can’t read the pages? I tried to access my own blog disabling js on my browser and I was able to read. Is there anything that I’m missing?

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Things should work just fine for Tor browser users, even when we include JS on the page. But the idea behind the configuration option is to eventually provide interactivity without requiring JS at all (such as on the pad or admin pages) – such as when running WriteFreely as an Onion site.

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Ok, so can we have JSDisabled just for the reader part for now and on a second iteration we should add that to the writer/admin part too, right?

Yep! I think that’d be the way to do it.

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