Wanting to change to a 5-year subscription

I’m wanting to upgrade from a yearly plan to the 5 year plan. Every time I try it just says “Invalid amount”.

How do I change my subscription?



Hi Laura, are you able to change to the 5-year plan from this page?

Nope. Same thing. “Invalid amount.”

I didn’t realize that it didn’t take me through the process of entering credit card information when I went to subscribe to the 5 year plan. So when I changed my billing info to reflect the correct card and then clicked that button again, it worked automatically.

I would have appreciated seeing a credit card screen and also the error of “invalid amount” is not really clear. It didn’t make sense and didn’t give me a clue as to what was going on.

Anyway, it worked.



Ah thanks for letting me know – glad it worked!

Looking at it closer, I’m seeing this opaque message from our payment processor for the first few tries: “Payment failed because the amount was too high”. This is probably why you saw that confusing error message. But the recommendation was to contact your bank or try another payment method – so it seems the latter worked.

I’ll make sure we catch that issue in the future and show something a little more user friendly. Thanks for working through it, and for upgrading to the 5-year plan!

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