W.a RSS and Micro.blog

Does anyone know whether W.a RSS feeds are compatible with Micro.blog?

Are you trying to import Write.as posts to Micro.blog @nibl? At the moment, Micro.blog only supports imports from Medium, Tumblr, & Wordpress. This isn’t barring any kind of custom solution or script though. To be honest though, we’d love to do some kind of integration in the future where you can cross-post from Write.as to Micro.blog.

Not import posts. I mean add an RSS feed which Micro.blog displays in the timeline. There is a “feeds” section in the settings.

Are W.a RSS feeds compatible? When that’s the case you don’t need cross-posting because posts get pulled in automatically.

If not, it just needs a little tweaking of the XML and tada! I did that once for a Blot blog.

Ah okay - that’s really cool! The Write.as blog feeds follow typical XML standards so it should work with Micro.blog. I’d try to give it a shot and see what happens. Like you said, if we need to tweak the XML a little bit then that should be no problem.

Let us know how it goes @nibl I’d also be curious to see what it looks like.

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I can give it a try then. The open question is whether the fields match, and especially the date format is compatible.

@cjeller1592, did a quick test. There is a problem because the W.a post body appears in both the title element and content element. At least when you don’t specify a title. Take a look at the XML.

M.b does not show the content of posts with titles in the timeline. Those only get links. So far posts aren’t showing at all. If they don’t show up after another hour, then I’d say something is incompatible.

The feed passes at feedvalidator, but it says some of the HTML is invalid.



The posts did not show up after 24 hours. I’m pretty sure the reason is that the W.a “content” is duplicated in the “title”.

For it to work with Micro.blog the title needs to be left blank, unless one was specified, or the date and time go in the title. That qualifies as a micro post — together with being below 280 characters.

@cjeller1592, is there any chance of changing this on W.a Pro Accounts? Maybe offering a Micro.blog compatible feed option in RSS settings? It looks to me like a very simple variation.

You would be able to offer W.a as a long form blogging platform to Micro.blog users because they can add multiple feeds to M.b. Manton has no problem with recommending other platforms because M.b is built to work with others. @matt