I note that user registration for is not allowed. What are the plans for this? Seems promising.

This is just reserved for our own uses / videos right now. What were you hoping to see there?

I’m interested in indepedent video sites. Have been watching the likes of BitChute, BitTube, and DTube so was curious if you were starting up something in the video realm as part of your family of online media platforms.

Gotcha. That site is running on PeerTube, which you’d probably be interested in. It’s open source software that can connect to other instances running the same software. So essentially anyone can start up a PeerTube server, and bring in other videos and communicate with a larger network.

As far as making video hosting available to everyone, we might do that eventually, but there are no plans for it in the foreseeable future. There are plenty of platforms already available for this, and we don’t have many ideas for improving them.

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