Using PayPal and Stripe

How do I pay a subscription with paypa.l?
How do I cancel / renew with Stripe.?
How safe is my credit card information.?

Hi @yogi, welcome!

You can pay for a subscription with PayPal here.

If you’re subscribed with Stripe, you can cancel by clicking the “Cancel subscription” link shown on your Subscription page.

In either case, your credit card information is kept very safe by one of those processors, Stripe or PayPal. We never personally handle your full credit card information – it’s all taken care of by them. The only information we do see is the last four digits of your card and the expiration date, which we use to provide helpful answers within the app, such as “Which card did I use to pay for this?” and “When do I need to update my expired card?”

Let me know if you ever have other questions.

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