Using MySQL Workbench and installing WriteFreely (help question)

OK, so I am new to many things, including MySQL, and the application MySQL Workbench. I can ask around, but I think this would be the best place to put the question forward -

I see this on the WriteFreely install page:

CREATE DATABASE writefreely CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci;

And I went ahead and (possibly made a noob of myself) and copy/pasted that line of text into the “editor”, or what have you, in MySQL Workbench. Previous to that, I downloaded the WriteFreely file for the OS I intend to use (Linode VPS running Ubuntu) and extracted the files locally on my MacBook (assuming the software will run on Ubuntu on my VPS, so I should be downloading the Linux option, instead of macOS, yes?).

And here is where I am getting hung up - I run writefreely config start (which is probably getting way ahead of myself), and it simply shows a red “X” to the left of the command, as if to say “this won’t work”, or whatever.

Again, I am BRAND NEW to both MySQL, and MySQL workbench, and not 100% where I’m at here.

Any helps is appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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typically an IDE is platform AND architecture dependent… linode vs xcode-darwin… and the processor… x64, arm, etc… most all macs are x64 but some older ones are not and some airs are not, for example.

so its best to run the thing on your local linode for testinginside a vm then install sqlworkbench from inside there and do your testing that way othereise you wont have much hair left and no good can come of what you are currently attempting .