Using my own domain marks the blog as unsure in the browser

So, I did set up my blog and followed the steps tu setup the DNS on the domain. All is working, but I saw that the web is marked by unsafe by the browser. It says that the domain certification is not trusted.

I was using another domain, and now I just changed it to a new one.

I contacted the domain provider, and they told me it is because the domain is pointing to the IP indicated by in the steps of setup, and that is a problem of the provider of, since the SSL certification is installed there.

Any idea of how can I solve this?

Can you share the domain you’re using? Certain things can prevent us from generating an SSL certificate on our end, such as bad DNS configuration or using something like Cloudflare in front of our service.

Hello again.

I am using doman, with

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like it sorted itself out – I’m not seeing any SSL errors on that domain. But let me know if you notice anything wrong with it!