Upgrade to Pro, and give someone a subscription for free

I wanted to say, although its very early days for me with Write.As, I am very impressed, I like it a lot. I believe the price point is perfect given that its a very basic, no-frills writing platform.

I saw the offer " Upgrade to Pro, and give someone a subscription for free" https://prnt.sc/svfs49 which I assume is that you buy one and get one free. I wanted to give me daughter her own write.as site. I created a Wordpress blog for her a few years ago. I think this will be better. I was thinking about giving her one of my 3 sites, but then I realised she would have access to all my writing.

So, I was wondering if this offer would give her a completely separate account? If yes, how do I claim the offer?

Just to finish off, I am on a 14-day trial and plan on upgrading to Pro. So, I wanted to take up this offer. How can I do that? When I upgrade to paid Pro will it automatically give me a second license to use for my daughter?

Thank you,

Thanks @RyanUK, that’s really great to hear!

We made this offer exactly for this kind of situation, so it should work great for you both. It would give her a completely separate account, yes.

To set that up, you can upgrade via the Give writing page. You’ll then be taken to an Invite page where you’ll find the special signup URL to give to her.

Thanks Matt. I didn’t want to wait for the 14 days, so I have upgraded to Pro, and it was easy to invite my daughter.

You should do well with this platform. Thanks :slight_smile:

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