Update publishing date of post?



I’m a new user who is still figuring things out. I currently have my own static site with posts that I would like to move write.as. I could just copy and paste my existing post here, there are not that many, but if possible, I would like to preserve the original publishing dates.

Is there a way to do such a thing? I noticed that even in the API it is not possible to set them.


Yep, you can update a post’s original published date in the web app by following these steps:

  • Publish the post
  • Click Edit to edit the post
  • Click the “i” icon that now shows up in the top-right corner of the editor
  • Change the Created date
  • Save your changes

You can also do this via the API by supplying a created value when initially publishing a post, as shown in the docs.


Ah, I missed that, that’s great.

This is going to be wonderful, thanks!