Upcoming changes to our multiple blog allowance



Some changes are coming to our multiple blog allowance, for new subscribers only:

Would love to hear your feedback here, if you have any!

Extend Write.as

I think the rationale for this is sound. Keeping the Casual subscription rate low gives people the chance to try out the additional features at a very reasonable cost, and many of them will probably in time realize the larger benefits of the Pro plan and upgrade (as I did), or purchase more blogs while staying on the Casual plan. As an existing Pro plan user, I’m happy to hear that the number of blogs I have now will remain grandfathered in (I suspect I’ll create more blogs in the future so I’m happy that the original number I signed up for will remain as is).


Makes sense and I agree with BugBuster’s comments.

I have an idea for an additional plan:

You also have the $250 tier, which is great. I wonder if there is scope to have an additional higher tier so that writers of controversial content can run their posts by your team before they go public to ensure they aren’t crossing the line. i.e., since you’re not offering a Gab/Minds/Steemit style free-speech platform, and since you have adopted a deliberately vague set of platform and community guidelines, this could be a win-win compromise.