Untitled Posts Shows Up With a Title In the RSS Feed

I’ve noticed that even when I publish “untitled” posts into my blog, in the RSS feed, they still show up with a title. As an example, check out this RSS Feed. Majority of my posts in that blog actually don’t have titles, but in the feed they still have titles.

How can I make “untitled posts” show up with an empty or null or blank title in the RSS feed?

For the RSS feed, Write.as dynamically generates a title from a post’s contents if it doesn’t already have an explicit title.

So in your case @dino, Write.as is creating the title from your images’ metadata — those timestamps.

I don’t think there’s a way to create truly “untitled” posts in the RSS sense since Write.as generates one anyway. The only other solution I could think of is to either change the image metadata to give it a title you’d prefer or to add titles to the top.

Definitely could be something to look into though!

Thanks for the response @cjeller1592. Yeah, I was afraid it wasn’t something that could be easily fixed.

Just to give you guys some context, what I was trying to achieve is to satisfy the first two of the timeline display rules listed here. Specifically, I’m trying to get the images in my write.as photo-blog to show up inline on my timeline and have a description under it.

I could get it to work with a title in place, but I couldn’t add a description before or after the photo.

In any case, maybe something to consider going forward for write.as blogs.