Unsplash > Snap.as Shortcuts (iOS/iPadOS/Mac)

This one requires you have the Snap.as Upload shortcut by @DavidBlue installed as it calls it in this shortcut. I have that info as a separate comment in the shortcut header as well.

Unsplash :arrow_right: Snap.as

Shortcut Description:

Search for an image on Unsplash, or let it provide one at random. It previews it, tap Done to move on or tap outside the preview window to end the shortcut.

Done button on preview will resize to a 960px width image and upload to Snap.as via another shortcut (see next Comment for details).

What gets copied to the clipboard is a Markdown image link. In the case of images you searched for, the search term is passed into the alt text for the Markdown link.

If you have the Writefreely iOS app installed, the Open Write.as option in the menu after upload will launch that. Seemed like a natural flow.

Other options presented are pretty self-explanatory.

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Here’s another version with “Pro” appended to the name because it requires you have the awesomeToolbox Pro app installed (it costs money… shocker) for the additional functionality of being able to crop (manual or aspect ratio based) directly in flow. Same framing otherwise around the Snap.as and Unsplash bits.

Unsplash :arrow_right: Snap.as Pro

I realized when forking this version I hadn’t properly cared for the Random menu choice in the original shortcut. I’ve fixed that here and will apply those changes to the one above tomorrow (pretty sure the iCloud link persists but will verify).

Nice thing is that if Random is chosen for the Unsplash image, it will prompt you for an alt text value right before it formats the Snap.as URL into a Markdown image link.

Hope these are helpful and I’ll keep refining them over time with comments/alerts if any of the functionality seems unclear to the user. I’ve considered an alert or banner at the end that says “Markdown image link copied to clipboard” so that’s more obvious to a non-technical user. Thoughts?

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